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WCW.The.Best.of.Bill.Goldberg.XViD. RapidShare.COM. 3584Mb
Date: 14 Nov 2009, 01:24
Goldberg is a one-man ass-kicking machine. He's as exciting a superstar as the wrestling world has ever seen
Like him or hate him as a pro-wrestler, you've got to respect Bill Goldberg "Da Man".
Who could have expected the impact of an ex-Atlanta Falcon football player by the name of Goldberg?
"Da Man" climbed the ladder faster than any wrestler in the history of WCW. He became the fan favorite,
who won over 100 matches in a row,his undefeated winning streak !!! WCW claimed that Goldberg had a record of 173
wins and zero losses before his first loss to Kevin Nash after much outside interferance.
See "Da Man" as he pulverize his opponents with his patented Spear and Jackhammer combination with great precision.

Matches are complete and are listed in order of sequence:

1st Of 5 Series
1. Goldberg Vs Barry Windham w/Kendall Windham & Bobby Duncum "West Texas Rednecks " 8/16/99 Nitro in Colorado Springs, CO
2. Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page and Kanyon
3. Goldberg & Kevin Nash Vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan & The Giant. This turns into a brawl involving The Disciple, Kanyon,
Curt Hennig,Lex Luger,The Ultimate Warrior,Diamond Dallas Page and Roddy Roddy Piper [8/24/98 Nitro in Chicago, IL]
4. Goldberg & Hollywood Hulk Hogan Vs Diamond Dallas Page,Kanyon & Bam Bam Bigelow (Handicap Match)
5. Goldberg Vs Flyboy" Rocco Rock & Johnny Grunge "The Public Enemy [Handicap Match]
6. Goldberg Vs The Cat AKA Ernest Miller [WCW Thunder: September 2, 1999]
7. Goldberg Vs Bam Bam Bigelow [ WCW Thunder: September 9, 1999]
8. Goldberg Vs Hugh Morrus [9/27/99 Nitro in Atlanta, GA]
9. Goldberg Vs Brian Knobbs AKA Nasty Boy [9/20/99 Nitro in Cincinnati, OH]
10.Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page [WCW Fall Brawl 9/12/99 Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA]
11.Goldberg,Hollywood Hulk Hogan & Sting Vs Diamond Dallas Page,Sid Vicious & Rick Steiner [Steel Cage Match]
12.Goldberg Vs Scott Norton [2/22/99 Nitro in Sacramento, Ca]
13.Goldberg Vs Bret Hart [US Championship Match 10/25/99 Nitro in Phoenix, AZ]
14.Goldberg Vs Sting [11/8/99 Nitro is Indianapolis, IN ]
15.Goldberg & Bret Hart Vs Scott Hall & Sid Vicious [US Title, Ladder Match 11/8/99 Nitro in Indianapolis, IN ]

2nd Of 5 Series
1. Goldberg Vs Ric Flair Vs Hulk Hogan Vs Diamond Dallas Page [Fatal Four Way Match For WCW World Heavyweight Title 4/5/99 Nitro]
2. Goldberg Vs Kenny Kaos [4/12/99 Nitro in Yakima, WA]
3. Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page [ WCW World Heavyweight Title Match 4/19/99 Nitro in Gainesville, FL ]
4. Goldberg Vs Kevin Nash Vs Diamond Dallas Page Vs Sting [WCW World Heavyweight Title 4/26/99 Nitro in Fargo,N.Dakota]
5. Goldberg Vs Curt Hennig AKA Mr Perfect [ 7/26/99 Nitro in Memphis, TN ]
6. Goldberg & Sting Vs Rick Steiner & Sid Vicious (AKA Sid Justice) [8/2/99 Nitro in Sioux Falls, SD]
7. Goldberg Vs Steve "Mongo" McMichael [12/15/97 Nitro in Charlotte, NC]
8. Goldberg Vs Rick Steiner [WCW Road Wild PPV 08/14/99 Sturgis, South Dakota]
9. Dennis Rodman Vs Randy Savage (EXTRA) [WCW Road Wild PPV 08/14/99 Sturgis, South Dakota]

3rd Of 5 Series
1. Goldberg Vs Scott "Flash"Norton 1/25/99 Nitro in Dallas, TX
2. Goldberg Vs Hugh Morrus [AKA Bill DeMott ] ==Goldberg makes his Nitro DEBUT 9/22/97 in Salt Lake City, UT
3. Goldberg Vs Raven [AKA Johonny Polo][US Title Match] 4/20/98 Nitro in Colorado Springs, CO
4. Goldberg Vs Sting [ WCW World Heavyweight Title Match] 9/14/98 Nitro in Greensville, SC,
5. Goldberg Vs The Giant [ WCW World Heavyweight Title Match] 10/12/98 Nitro in Chicago, IL
6. Goldberg Vs Diamond Dallas Page [ WCW World Heavyweight Title Match] 10/26/98 Nitro in Phoenix, AZ
7. Goldberg Vs Scott Hall [Taser-Ladder match] 12/21/98 Nitro in St. Louis, MO,
8. Goldberg vs. Bam Bam Bigelow vs. Scott Hall 1/18/99 Nitro in Columbus, OH

4th Of 5 Series
1. Goldberg Vs Bam Bam Bigelow [WCW Superbrawl IX 02/21/99, Oakland, California]
2. Goldberg Vs Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner 2/22/99 Nitro in Sacramento,Ca
3. Goldberg & Rick Steiner Vs Marcus "Buff" Bagwel & Scott Steiner 3/1/99 Nitro in Chapel, NC
4. Goldberg Vs Ric Flair 3/8/99 Nitro in Worcester, MA
5. Hulk Hogan Vs Ric Flair [Steel Cage Match] (Extra)
6. Goldberg & Ric Flair Vs Kevin Nash & Hulk Hogan (NWO) 3/15/99 Nitro in Cincinnati, OH
7. Goldberg Vs Hak (Sandman) 3/22/99 Nitro in Panama City Beach, FL

5th Of 5 Series
1 Goldberg Vs Tank Abbott [6/5/00 Nitro in Atlanta, GA]
2. Goldberg Vs Kevin Nash [6/12/00 Nitro in Richmond, VA
3. Goldberg Vs Hacksaw Jim Duggan [6/26/00 Nitro]
4. Goldberg Vs Kevin Nash [WCW Bash at the Beach '00 PPV 7/9/00 Daytona Beach,Florida,USA]
5. Goldberg Vs Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner [7/18/00 Nitro]
6. Goldberg Vs Meng AKA Haku [10/2/00 Nitro in San Fransisco, CA]
7. Goldberg Vs Big Vito [10/9/00 Nitro in Brisbane, Australia]
8. Goldberg Vs Chuck Palumbo [10/11/2000 WCW Thunder Sydney,Australia]
9. Goldberg Vs David Flair (Son Of Ric Flair) [10/16/00 Nitro Melbourne, Australia]
10.Goldberg Vs Shawn Stasiak [10/23/00 Nitro]
11.Goldberg Vs Bryan Adams & Bryan Clark (aka Kronik) (Handicap Match)
12.Goldberg Vs Alex Wright & Disco Inferno (Handicap Match) [11/13/00 Nitro]
13.Goldberg Vs Lex Luger [WCW Mayhem '00 PPV 11/26/00 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA]
14.Goldberg Vs M.I. Smooth AKA Ice Train [12/4/00 Nitro]
15.Goldberg Vs Marcus "Buff" Bagwel [12/18/00 Nitro]
16.Goldberg & Sarge Vs Marcus "Buff" Bagwel & Lex Luger
17.Goldberg Vs Scott Hall (AKA Razor Ramon [NWO]) 7/6/98 Nitro in Atlanta, GA
18.Goldberg Vs Hollywood Hulk Hogan [NWO] [WCW Title Match] 7/6/98 Nitro in Atlanta, GA

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